Dubai Golden Visa

Dubai Golden Visa is a legal document that allows long-term residency to foreigners with security. In 2019, the UAE government implemented the law to attract foreign residents by providing them with long-term residence visas. This long-term Visa enables foreigners to stay in any part of the UAE, work, and study securely like permanent residents. 

The Golden Visa allows foreign investors, students, and professionals to benefit and contribute to the Emirate’s growing economy. Any foreign individual who obtains this Visa can stay in the UAE without any government sponsor. In addition, with this Visa, foreign entrepreneurs can run their businesses with 100 percent ownership without any partner.

Since Dubai is a growing nation, many foreigners seek to reside here for an extended period or permanently. At the same time, Dubai is also attracting foreign citizens to contribute to its vast growing economy. Hence, the UAE government developed the Golden Visa scheme to give long-term residency to its foreigners. It offers living for 5 to 10 years according to its visa scheme.

Here’s how to apply for Dubai Golden Visa, benefits, and eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for Dubai Golden Visa or Steps to Apply for Dubai Golden Visa:

To apply for Dubai Golden Visa, follow the steps below. Before proceeding further, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and have the appropriate documents ready:

  • Go to website business.goldenvisa.ae and apply for nomination
  • The UAE government authorities will review the application in 30 days, and you will receive notification about the outcomes.
  • When the nomination is approved, you will get an email with a link where you need to upload all the necessary documents.
  • Then the Authority will verify your application. 
  • When the verification is successful, the authority will issue your Golden Visa.

Easy Way to Get a Dubai Visa for a Business Personality

One of the easiest ways to get a Dubai Visa is through company formation in Dubai. If you register a company in your name in Dubai, it’s easy to get a 3-year residency visa and renew it.

The procedure to start a company in Dubai is relatively simple compared to other nations. First, you must register your company with DED, apply for a trade license, and complete the legal process.

Benefits of Dubai Golden Visa 

  • The Dubai Golden Visa comes up with significant benefits. Many foreigners are seeking to get a golden visa for the following advantages:
  • The Dubai Golden Visa provides long-term residency for about 5 to 10 years. But the individual applying for the Visa needs to be a business personality, researcher, medical professional, brilliant student, or educator to get the Visa.
  • This Visa ensures complete security for the visa holders in Dubai. In fact, with the Visa, anyone can live, work and study in Dubai freely like a permanent resident.
  • In Dubai, with the Golden Visa, company owners have the right of 100% ownership of the business. A local residence partner is not necessary to run a business.
  • With the Golden Visa, for a foreigner, there’s no need to find a national or local sponsor to live in this country.

Benefits for Company Formation in Dubai:

  • To run a business in Dubai, there’s no need to pay taxes, not personal or corporate.
  • 100% ownership of the company without any local partner.
  • No need to pay taxes for imports and exports to the UAE Government.
  • Eligible to take back all the profits to their own country.
  • With a company in Dubai, one can give dependent visas to family members.

Eligibility Requirement for Dubai Golden Visa

The Eligibility for Dubai Golden Visa varies according to the individual’s profession. Find the right one for you and then apply:

Eligibility for Foreign Investors

  • The investor must make AED 10 million in public investment.
  • At least 60% of the investment must not be related to property or land.
  • The invested amount must not be from a loan.
  • Should retain the investment strictly for three years.

The Golden Visa can be extended by including partners, but they must contribute at least AED 10 million. Investing in Dubai’s commercial properties is the best choice to secure the Golden Visa. When the Visa is about to expire, one can renew it too.

Eligibility for Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs should have at least 500,000 AED.
  • Approval of an officially recognized business start-up by the government.
  • Health insurance for the entrepreneur and all family members.

Eligibility for Students and Specialists

  • The specialist must be from the top 500 international universities.
  • Award or appreciation certificate in the specialized area of expertise.
  • Students with 95% marks with remarkable grades in their respective degrees.
  • Scientists and doctors with significant contributions can apply.
  • Technologists with high intelligence can apply for visas through the Office of Artificial Intelligence of the UAE government.

Eligibility for Chief Executives

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Minimum five years experience in the respective field.
  • At least AED 30,000, earning a salary in Dubai with a proper job contract.
  • Must have health insurance, including family members.

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