Ejari in Dubai

Are you wondering about how to register your Ejari in Dubai? Then, go through this article and get your answer.

You have found the perfect house in Dubai to rent; now it’s time to register for your Ejari. You will need it to protect your house contract and prevent property-related disputes legally. Also, to open a DEWA account for the water and electricity connections. Moreover, as a responsible tenant, you should apply for Ejari and go through the procedure to protect your agreement.

Now, let’s know what Ejari is, what the benefits are, how to apply for Ejari, and many more. 

What is Ejari

The Arabic word Ejari means my rent, which is all about real estate renting. Ejari is the compulsory registration system to officially enlist every contract between tenants and property owners in Dubai. Hence it ensures all rental agreements and protects the tenants and landlords from property-related disputes.


Benefits of Ejari

The Ejari system in Dubai benefits the tenants and property owners in many ways-

  • The Ejari system keeps the connection between the tenant and landlord smooth and flexible, as the rental price gets registered officially. 
  • It removes all possibilities of fraudulence or tampering with documents by the tenant or the landlord.
  • It serves as the most validated and essential document for the tenancy contract. 
  • The Ejari registration process also helps to identify illegal properties and their unfair usage.

How to Register Your Ejari in Dubai

You can apply for Ejari in two ways: online through the Ejari website or Dubai REST app, or the Ejari Approval Centres.


To apply for Ejari by visiting the Ejari Approval Centres, you must carry the required documents and fees to complete the registration successfully.

Documents Required for Ejari Registration Through Centers

You need to bring the following documents for Ejari registration through the Ejari Approval Centres 

  • The tenancy contract
  • Your Emirates ID
  • Your passport
  • Trade license 
  • Letter from the property owner mentioning the meter number for shared electricity 

Registration Fees Through Centers

  • 155 AED for registration without VAT
  • 10 AED for the Knowledge fee
  • 10 AED for Innovation fee

Registration Fees Through the Real Estate Service Center

  • 219.75 AED with the VAT


You can apply for Ejari registration online in two ways, through the Ejari website or the Dubai REST app.

Ejari Registration Through the Ejari Website

Not everyone is applicable to apply for Ejari through the official Ejari website. It is applicable for the following individuals only-

  • The property owners or their representatives
  • Management companies of properties
  • Real estate brokers

(Tenants can only apply for Ejari online using the Dubai REST app)

Documents Required for Registration Through the Ejari Website

  • The property owner’s passport
  • Emirates residence ID of the tenant
  • Tenancy contract
  • DEWA bill
  • Copy of title deed
  • Trade license

How to Register Through the Ejari Website

  • To register through the Ejari website, follow the instruction below-
  • Go to the official Ejari website 
  • Create your Ejari account
  • Upload the required documents for Ejari
  • Pay the fees for registration
  • And finally, submit the application

Ejari Registration Through the Dubai REST App

To apply for Ejari registration through the Dubai REST App, you should follow the mentioned steps-

  • First, you need to download the Dubai REST App
  • Then, visit the services section
  • Choose RERA
  • Then go to register the Ejari contract
  • Fill the required fields
  • Upload the scanned documents
  • And finally submit the application

Documents Required for Ejari Registration Through the Dubai REST App

  • The tenancy contract
  • Security deposit receipt
  • Your Emirates ID
  • Your VISA
  • Your passport
  • Trade license 
  • The property owner’s passport
  • DEWA bill
  • Copy of title deed

Fee for Online Ejari Registration

  • 175 AED


Q. Do the tenants need to renew the Ejari while renewing the tenancy contracts?

Ans: Yes, every time you renew your tenancy contract, your need to renew your Ejari too. The renewing can be done quickly following the online methods.

Q. How much time does it take to get the Ejari contract?

Ans: When you are done submitting the application, it may take 2 to 3 days to generate the registered Ejari tenancy contract and then send it to you through the mail.

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