rent an apartment in Dubai

Renting in Dubai is a lot easy with no compromise on the quality of life. But compared to other emirates, renting is a little costly in Dubai. And the renting process is very much time-bound, so you need to consider the contract to rent an apartment in Dubai.

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority authorizes rents in Dubai. You can use the Rental Increase Calculator for a transparent rent index. There are many options, so don’t rush to rent an apartment in Dubai without proper consideration. First, look for the right living infrastructure you desire in your living space, then rent.

The renting apartments provide sufficient amenities well enough to live a prosperous life. The entire emirates are safe to live alone both for males and females. So, let’s go through the procedures to know how to rent an apartment in Dubai in 2022.

rent an apartment in Dubai

Essential Things to be Aware of Before Renting in Dubai:

  • Tenancy contracts generally last for one year in Dubai.
  • To sign the tenancy contract, you must submit passport and visa copies. If not the visa is ready, then offer the letter from the job.
  • The paper arrangement is made by an agent cooperating with the property owner.
  • You may need to provide checks and pay the rent costs quarterly.
  • Need to pay security deposit during the tenancy agreement, which can be withdrawn while leaving according to the contract.
  • If you break the rental contract anyhow, you will be asked to pay a penalty price.

The moment you sign the contract, you can move in instantly. In a developed emirate like Dubai, it’s very easy to set up water and electricity within a moment.

There are some websites that can help you find and guide you online in renting an apartment in Dubai. However, it is up to you how you rent an apartment to live in Dubai.

Rental Costs in Dubai:

The rental cost in Dubai is higher than in other emirates due to high demand. 

One-bedroom Apartments:

One-bedroom apartments costs may cost around 40,000 AED to 45,000 AED. However, places like Sharjah and Ajman are up to 30 to 45% cheaper than this price range.

Two-bedroom Apartments:

Two-bedroom apartments will cost around 90,000 AED to 100,000 AED. And a villa may cost approximately 150,000 AED or more than that.

Extra Costs:

Housing fees like water bill, electric bill of around 5,000 AED. For renewal or new renting contracts Ejari fee, which gives relaxation of 200 AED on 

Tenancy Contracts in Dubai

Tenancy Agreement
  • Most rental contracts in Dubai are generally for a year. And if you are in Dubai for a short while, consider being in a hotel or service-related apartment and pay per month or week.
  • No witness is essential specifically to sign the rental contract between the tenant and owner, only the landlord’s signature is final.
  • If the tenancy contract break, the tenant must pay a penalty price. Usually, the penalty amount is equal to two months’ rent. But the penalty price varies according to the terms of the signed contract.
  • The property owner may terminate the contract anytime but must give three months notice period. However, this happens once in thousands of cases.

Rental Rights and Restrictions in Dubai

The Landlord

  • The landlord needs to provide a contract copy with the security deposit receipt.
  • During the contract period, there must not be any change in the rent.
  • The landlord should provide all the mentioned amenities as per the contract.
  • If a rent check provided by the tenant bounces, that may lead to a penalty for the tenant, and the landlord has the right to evict them without notice.
  • The landlord is responsible for the external maintenance outside the contract.
Rental Agreement

The Tenant 

  • The tenant must sign the contract after reading the conditions and facilities stated in the document.
  • After the end of the contract, the tenant is free to leave the place or renew it to stay again.
  • The tenant can only do fixtures and fittings in the apartment with the landlord’s consent.
  • If the tenants break the rental contract before time, then there is a penalty amount (usually two months’ rent) that they must pay.
  • Flat sharing is strictly unauthorized and can only be allowed if the landlord gives written consent.
  • The tenant must leave the apartment without any damage; otherwise, the cost of fixing the amount will be cut from the security deposit.

Authorities Who Handle Rental Disputes

Like all emirates, Dubai also has rental dispute resolution committees. In addition, there is a Rental Dispute Settlement Centre in Deira at the Dubai Land Department’s head office. If any dispute arises in your case, you can file a complaint with the rental documents and your passport and visa.

Tips for Renting in Dubai

  • If you have a pet, then rent a pet-friendly apartment.
  • Look for experts’ opinions on the conditions of the contract before signing.
  • Don’t create any disturbance in the apartment building, and maintain all the guidelines of the emirate respectfully.

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