How to Sell Dubai Off-plan Property

Are you planning to sell the off-plan property but not sure how to do it? Unfortunately, selling an off-plan property is much of a difficult task because you are selling a layout or blueprint instead of a well-constructed property.  So learn how to sell Dubai off-plan property in 2024.

You, as a seller, will have to put extra effort into convincing your buyers to buy the property. Of course, an off-plan agent’s task is quite challenging, but it’s all worth it if you become successful. 

This blog will discuss a few ways you can successfully sell off-plan property in Dubai. So, without further ado, let’s see how to sell the off-plan property.

Build Relations 

It is always a better option to build relations with buyers and sellers. Also, don’t forget to have professional terms with developers. Connecting with developers makes it easier for you to understand the market. 

Having contact with developers helps you crack a deal effortlessly. You can get their help at every stage of your contract. It also makes the process fast. 

Know Your Property Well

The better you know your off-plan property, the higher the chances of selling it. For selling the off-plan property, you must know every minute detail about the same. In addition, you should give reasons why buyers should invest in your property. 

Every little detail will help you in selling the property. It is advantageous to know about the products used in it, their completion date, their structural element, and everything. Moreover, you should have an eye on the surrounding location and area. If you don’t know much about a particular thing, contacting the developer is best to clear your doubts. 

Knowledge of New Projects

When you know what your competitors are selling, you can put more effort into selling your product. Hence, always know what new construction or projects are developing in the area. 

Highlight your property’s strength to get more buyers. Compare how your property is better or less than other properties in the same area. It is better to find out the best in your off-plan property and use it to sell yours. 

Learn About the Secondary Market

How to Sell Dubai Off-plan Property

As an off-plan property seller, you ought to have a deep knowledge of what is going on in the secondary market. When you know what the secondary market is holding, you will be able to pitch your property in a better way. 

Buyers always look for options and, therefore, they will show interest in the secondary market too. Consequently, it is essential to make your pitch strong so buyers get attracted to you and not the secondary market. 

Say Yes to Post-sale Service

Many off-plan property agents think their task is over after selling the property. But that’s not true. An experienced and professional off-plan agent believes in post-sale service. Providing post-sale service will distinguish you from the rest of the market. 

It will also help you build substantial goodwill against your competitors. Buyers always look for agents who offer post-sale service. If you have efficient post-sale service, the buyers might recommend you to their friends or family. 

The post-sale service can include getting on a call with the buyer and checking on things from time to time. Also, a personal visit to the buyer can make him happy, and you can learn about any shortcomings. 


This article must have provided you with a few tips on how you can sell off-plan property in Dubai. Including these tips in your working culture allows you to sell the off-plan property more easily. No doubt, selling an off-plan property is troublesome at times, but if you know the methods to crack the deal, there is no looking back.


Q. What is an off-plan property in Dubai? 

Ans. Off-plan property is an under-construction property purchased directly from a developer or, in some cases, a first-time owner.

Q. Can you negotiate the price if you buy the off-plan property? 

Ans. While most off-plan properties have a flat price, sellers may still be open to negotiation. It is best to get there early, as soon as the properties come on the market or during the pre-sale, as they probably want to show a reasonable sale rate in the initial stage.

Q. If a client buys an off-plan property, when can they sell it? 

Ans. Investors may sell the off-plan property to their real estate contracts before the completion of a project and therefore vary from developer to developer.

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