New UAE Visa Rule 2024

Are you planning to visit the UAE for a tour or job purposes? If yes, you need to have a look at the new set of visa rules that the UAE has set in 2024. The implication of these new UAE visa rules was in September 2024. These rules are said to bring positive changes to the country’s economy. 

The UAE has now come up with approximately ten types of new Visit Visas and Green Visas and extended the Golden Visa categories. Some of these rules have come into impact from October 3, 2022. Let’s look at these new visa rules for the UAE and understand them well. 

In this article, we will be discussing three significant types of rules which are as follows – 

  1. Green Visa
  2. Visit Visa
  3. Golden Visa

Green Visa Rules

Green Visa is a residential visa through which holders can sponsor themselves. In addition, these visa holders can sponsor their immediate family members and their first-degree relatives. So, now these holders don’t have to rely on UAE nationals to sponsor their visas. 

Also, as per the new rules, Green Visa holders can extend their stay up to 6 months if they are willing to stay in the UAE even after their visa expires. Apart from that, parents can sponsor their sons till the age of 25, which earlier was 18. And, of course, there’s no limit to sponsoring unmarried daughters. 

Visit Visa Rules

If you are a tourist, a Visit Visa is for you. Now, you can stay in the UAE for 60 days, increasing the previous 30 days as per the new rule. 

If you are in the UAE for job hunting, you will not need any host or sponsor. Therefore, you can sponsor yourself if you have the skills stated by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. 

Golden Visa Rules

If you are a skilled professional, you can apply for the Golden Visa for working and education in the UAE. However, you must have a minimum salary of Dh50,000 to Dh30,000.

As per the old rules, your visa would not have held importance if you stayed outside the UAE for 6 months or more. But now, you can stay outside the UAE for an indefinite period. Moreover, according to the new rules, you can sponsor your children irrespective of age. 

Besides, investors spending a minimum of Dh2 million on property buying can also apply for a Golden Visa.


This was all about the new UAE visa rules. We hope you got all the required information and have all your doubts cleared. For more such informative content, keep following our page. 

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